Yann Leguay from Phonotopy
Vibrance brings together a selection of artists working with acoustic activity as primal material through the angle of cross-disciplinary practice. It acts as a catalyser of contemporary practices in the field of sound, open hardware and performativity, aiming to stage a scenario in which presence, simulation, chaos and fictional control operate as protagonists.

Vibrance, the sound program for Coded Cultures launches with conflicting angles. The two experimental sound labels Artkillart and Phonotopy converge in alternating resonances with extended playlist / p-node transmission. Angle also features a performance from NMO that has been described as “military space space music and/or fluxus techno”, taking inspiration both from the club scene and the modern art world.

Artkillart is a label based in Paris and Berlin, created in 2007. Its purpose is to promote experimental audiovisual and sound art. In reaction to dematerialized music, the artists of the label refocus on material objects. They are invited to conceptualize and design an object exploring the quality, the complexity and the limits of different media (including the dvd, cd and vinyl) and conceived as an experience both for the artist and the audience.

Yann Lequay. Artkillart. 2016. AKA 22 | DRIFT-02.

Phonotopy is the label of Brussels based sound artist Yann Leguay. Leguay is defined as a media saboteur by the Consumer Waste label, he seeks to fold reality in on itself using basic means in the form of objects and videos or during installations and performances. His label Phonotopy proposes a more conceptual approach to recording media.

NMO are Norwegian artist Morten J. Olsen (snare drum, tape delay) and South European Rubén Patiño (SuperCollider, mixer). They combine mechanical march rhythms with very spare electronics, to create a sound that is a clash of deconstructed no wave and experimental dance music.